Report from the 2012 PGA Show

Recently, I attended the PGA Show in Orlando, Florida.   Seeing everything due to the enormous amount of vendors is impossible but it is a great experience to see what is new in the golf industry.   You can tell that there is a lot a creativity going into each of the companies booth space for their big week.  Going through the TaylorMade/Adidas/Ashworth section was a lot like entering a theme park!

I was invited to to do a part on the PGA Forum panel for Teaching “Best Practices” on the Forum stage.  I shared some of the programs we have done at my club in a photo slide show and took a few questions from those in attendance.

The cool part was meeting and being introduced by Michael Breed who we all know from the Golf Channel.   He is just like you would imagine, very personable and full of positive energy.  He moderated the presentations that myself and two other “Teachers of the Year” from other sections of the country had prepared for sharing with the attendees.

On stage with Michael Breed, Rick Barry and Brad Patterson.

One of the “Best Practices” I shared at the PGA Forum was a special putting school I did with PGA TOUR caddie and advisor to SkyCaddie, Mark Long.   He is best know as Fred Funk’s longtime caddie and the author of the Tour yardage books.

About franrhoadsgolf

I am the PGA Director of Instruction at the TPC Potomac at Avenel Farms. * 2011 MAPGA Teacher of the Year, * Ranked as a Top Instructor in the State of MD by Golf Digest magazine since 2000. * PGA member sine 1988. * 33 years of experience in Golf Instruction. * Named best Metro Area Golf Instructor by the Washingtonian Magazine, 2003. * PGA certified in the field of Golf Instruction.
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