How I get Fit for Golf

Once you have achieved a base fitness level, its time to take it to the next level.  If you do not feel ready to challenge yourself, see a professional trainer and they will assist you.  Some of the exercises demonstrated here are advanced but remember that I am a PGA Golf Professional who still enjoys competition.  My feeling is that if I am going to compete, I must put forth my best effort.

Most of the training I do in the gym involves use of my own body weight.  I also try to stress balance and core stability so I get the most out of each movement.  My weakness is my flexibility which is not uncommon among most men.   In general, Women need to work on strength and men on flexibility but all of us need to work on balance and core stability.  This is VERY important for playing good golf!

I usually do some stretching first before doing a few of my favorites exercises:


From this  “plank” position, reach one arm under and across your body.


The movement is slow and under control which intensifies the core stability and balance.


Slowly rotate and reach up as far as you can while maintaining balance and stability.   Repeat until you start to struggle and then start working the other arm.  Do equal amounts on both sides.

Next is a side plank position, you will find this one to be more difficult but the benefits are amazing.


Start as shown with the arm reaching over your head while maintaining your balance.


Raise your leg as high as you can and extend your arm at the same time.   Try and hold this position for as long as you can.    You will feel the tightening of your muscles on both sides of your body.   A variation of this is to repeat the motion with only a short hold of the extended position.   The motion will look like your body is replicating a large pair of scissors!  A great exercise in my opinion.

Next is a plank with opposite arm and leg extension as shown.  This will strengthen the lower back and entire posterior.

Make sure you remain stable and switch to each arm and leg during your repetitions.  I have had lower back pain over the years and while its not perfect, I can manage it and this technique is really helping.

I try to emphasize balance in every workout I do because Golf (and every day life) requires it.
IMG_2693What I am demonstrating here has taken some time to be able to perform.  Start slowly on the ground and build your way up to adding in the bosu ball.    If you are not at this level, do not use the bosu ball, you risk falling!   This is a Yoga position which I am starting to do more of since I need more flexibility.


I continue to challenge myself in the gym because I have really experienced the benefits of the training I do.  Many of my students and members have told me that they are inspired to do more after seeing what I have accomplished fitness wise.   When I hear comments like that, I get even more motivated to continue and set an example for golfers of all levels to do more.

I just recently qualified for the Maryland State Open to be held in July.  During the qualifying round in which I placed 10th out of over 100 players, I consistently out drove my younger competitors and walked 18 holes without feeling tired at all.   I am quite sure this would not have happened without the fitness level I have achieved.   It really makes all the time I spend training worth it!

About franrhoadsgolf

I am the PGA Director of Instruction at the TPC Potomac at Avenel Farms. * 2011 MAPGA Teacher of the Year, * Ranked as a Top Instructor in the State of MD by Golf Digest magazine since 2000. * PGA member sine 1988. * 33 years of experience in Golf Instruction. * Named best Metro Area Golf Instructor by the Washingtonian Magazine, 2003. * PGA certified in the field of Golf Instruction.
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