Indoor Golf Training is an investment for summer success. Don’t be an “average Joe”!

The game of Golf is hard enough as is.   Add to it that most golfers put aside their clubs for several months each year and it is no wonder that many find it difficult to make real lasting progress with their golf games.

Year after year, I see the same thing, “average Joe” golfer dusts off his clubs in May when the temperatures are bearable, you know, anything over 65 degrees.   Joe then proceeds straight to the full swing practice area and see how the newest driver works, never mind the 15 pounds still hanging on from the Holidays.   Joe’s one year older body just doesn’t feel as good as it did last season he soon realizes.    After struggling to hit the latest driver, Joe decides that maybe a lesson will help regain the magic and the 10 yards he has lost off the tee.  We meet for our lesson and my job is to help “average Joe” improve no matter the circumstances.   I am thinking to myself  (and I usually end up sharing with Joe) that I wish he would have spent some time with me during the Winter indoor season for training and he would be much more ready for the season.   With the indoor training, Joe would likely be 10 yards longer instead of 10 yards shorter off the tee.  At the very least, he would be able to maintain the distance he had from last summer and maybe even look better in his new golf outfits!

Future star!  Never too early to start.

Core strength and balance!

Core strength and balance  =  better golfers!

Not everyone is “average Joe” of course and it is very refreshing to see the enthusiasm many of us share in trying to find ways to improve our games all year round.    I do realize that golf is not a passion for everyone.  For many, playing recreational golf is the only goal.  Even still, there is much that can be accomplished for the recreational golfer in just a few minutes a day indoors.   Trust me, recreational golf will be a lot more fun when it doesn’t hurt to swing and you play better!

If you do not want to be “average Joe”, then follow my simple advice!

  • Play more golf in the cold weather.   You will learn to love 65 degrees and windy while “average Joe” is complaining about it!
  • Work on your golf specific and overall fitness during the indoor season.  Develop this program with your trainer and golf coach so the program is in alignment with your goals.  As a golf coach who is knowledgable with fitness training, I like to meet or speak with my student’s personal trainer’s (if they have one).   This helps ensure that we are all on the same page with what we are trying to achieve.
  • Keep a club in your hand at least a few minutes a day.   It could be a putter or wedge or any club really.   This helps you maintain a feel for the proper grip and overall feel of the club.
  • If outdoor golf is not possible, train at an indoor facility to maintain and improve swing sequence, coordination, balance and power.  This is done best under the watchful eye of your favorite golf coach.
TPC Potomac Indoor Golf Facility

TPC Potomac Indoor Golf Facility

Many of the things I do for my own game and overall health do not require a gym membership.   Read on to some of my other posts on how I train for better golf and you will see that I am pretty serious about golf fitness.  Even at my age (55), I can still hit the ball quite well and with good distance.   This did not happen by chance, it took a lot of dedication and desire to achieve.

Fran Rhoads, PGA  Director of Instruction TPC Potomac at Avenel Farm

Fran Rhoads, PGA
Director of Instruction
TPC Potomac at Avenel Farm

If you are interested in developing a program custom designed for your goals,  call or text me at 301-514-7520 or email me at      I am available all year-round!

About franrhoadsgolf

I am the PGA Director of Instruction at the TPC Potomac at Avenel Farms. * 2011 MAPGA Teacher of the Year, * Ranked as a Top Instructor in the State of MD by Golf Digest magazine since 2000. * PGA member sine 1988. * 33 years of experience in Golf Instruction. * Named best Metro Area Golf Instructor by the Washingtonian Magazine, 2003. * PGA certified in the field of Golf Instruction.
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