Correction Golf Swings? Follow what the best players do!

“Correction Swings”

Many of my regular students have heard me say: “In golf, there are 3 swings”, then I explain further: “The Practice swing, the Real swing and the Correction swing”.

Let me explain the order and why some of the best in the world demonstrate it clearly in competition. Lets focus on the 3 swings I mentioned:

  • The “Practice swing”: This is your part of your pre-shot routine and I recommend a disciplined practice swing with a purpose and focus. The amount and type of practice swings are an individual preference so that I leave up to the player.
  • The “Real Swing”: Self explanatory, this is your actual swing on the ball and depending on the result you may need the third, “Correction swing”.
  • The “Correction swing”: This is simply a post, poor shot practice swing with the adjustment you felt was needed to make that previous shot better. It might just be a rhythm adjustment such as slowing the swing down or just to improve the balance. Even if you do not know what adjustment to make, do one anyway! Again, only if it is for rhythm or balance. The most important reason to do this is to wash out that last negative swing in both your mind and body so you can attempt your next shot with a clean slate!

I always coach my competitive students to try and become their own coach. I do this because in competition, the coach won’t be there and it is up to the player to fix any swing issues as they arise on the course. Good players are able to make swing adjustments at anytime during a round of golf.   Even if you do not compete, from putting to driving, the “Correction swing” should be a part of everyone’s game!

Happy Golfing!

About franrhoadsgolf

I am the PGA Director of Instruction at the TPC Potomac at Avenel Farms. * 2011 MAPGA Teacher of the Year, * Ranked as a Top Instructor in the State of MD by Golf Digest magazine since 2000. * PGA member sine 1988. * 33 years of experience in Golf Instruction. * Named best Metro Area Golf Instructor by the Washingtonian Magazine, 2003. * PGA certified in the field of Golf Instruction.
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2 Responses to Correction Golf Swings? Follow what the best players do!

  1. Mark V Hughes says:

    Thanks Fran. I’ve found that the correction swing can really make a difference.

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